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July 12th, 2011

Wow. What a Monday

Yesterday was quite a day.  It was one of those days that just seemed like it wasn't going to end.  Let me walk you thru my Monday.

1.  Cat projectile vomited.  From a seated position up high so the vomit had maximum allowed spread factor.  On the cat condo, on the floor, on Morgan's comic books.  And let me assure you that cleaning up hot cat vomit while suffering pregnancy (Yay!) related exaggerated gag reflex is not so full of the fun.

2.  Customer, reading a hiring list posted at the Info Desk - "Little Man Jewelers, where is that?"
     Me - "Do you mean Littman Jewelers?  It's around the corner on your right."
     Customer - "What is that?  Is it a jewelry store?"
     Me, after staring blankly at the person waiting for her stupid ass to walk away from me but she did not - "Yes."

3.  A mother and her 4 year old boy came up to renew their membership in the kids club.  She pulled out her wallet to pay.  Now, I don't know where you keep your wallet at, but I am guessing it's not in your panties.  She pulled her wallet out of her panties.  She paid me with cash money taken from a wallet kept in her panties.  Panties.  WTF?

4.  A man purchased a $500 giftcard and paid debit.  I asked him to please enter his PIN number and instead he said his PIN number out loud for me to enter it.  Really.

5.  Someone in the office drank my milk.  This doesn't sound like a big deal, but I drink these little milk bottles to help combat the horrible indigestion that comes with pregnancy.  (Yay!)   It was my last bottle.  Someone drank half of it, despite my initials on the lid, and then put it back in the fridge for me.  Thanks.  Then I went to Chick fil a to buy new milk and they sold me expired milk which I didn't have time to replace once I had noticed.  So I was denied my milk.  Sad face.

6.  A gas main break cause 270 N and S to be closed at rush hour.  This meant that all traffic was diverted to the roads that I normally drive home on.  It took me an hour & a half to get home last night.

7.  Storm.  Big storm.  Big storm cause power outage.  Power outage cause husband to go a little crazy because he is a slave to air conditioning and fans.  I admit those things are kinda important on a 100 degree day, but the sun was going down and it had just rained.  Power tries to come back on at about 10:30 which causes the sky to the front side of our house to light up like an amusement park.  Standing on our front porch we watch in confusion as a throbbing buzzing noise radiates from every house in the neighborhood and intense light and smoke bursts from the trees maybe 500 ft from our house.  Power surge stops.  Firetrucks come.  An hour later they finally do restore power to the neighborhood and the husband can relax again with his precious fan.  We go to bed just before midnight.

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