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July 9th, 2011

Surprise, Suprise!

Yesterday I had my first OB ultrasound.  At 5 weeks 5 days I wasn't expecting to see much of anything.  I believe the main reason for my RE seeing me this early along was to make sure the baby was not ectopic (in my tubes, yo.) and maybe to see if I was having twins.

Well surprise, surprise!  No twins, but we saw a squiggle in a bubble that they said is the baby!  AND we saw the heartbeat!  Whoa.  I didn't expect that till the end of next week when we have our next ultrasound.  And even then that was supposed to be a "maybe we will see it".

So Mongo, as my husband has been calling him, is doing quite well and making himself right at home up in there.  I still prefer referring to him as The Ginger, but Mongo certainly is easier to say in conversation.

Mongo - he expects our child to be huge and oafish, like him.
The Ginger - if we don't have a red headed baby I will be shocked.

I would post a picture of the ultrasound. . .but really who can ever tell what they are looking at on those things.  The only reason I know what's there is thanks to the "BABY" label in the middle of the print out.  Maybe next time.

So as you can imagine I was walking on cloud 9 yesterday.  No matter what I had to deal with yesterday I was still in a great mood.  And that included the complaining kids club mothers, the deaf woman who cussed me out (in a serious of finger gestures and loud grunts), the computer glitch that wiped out my $2000 giftcard order which I had to re-do while the customer waited, my lack of a lunch break, and the Ticketmaster machine that malfunctioned all of 20 minutes before my shift ended and I had to stay to fix it.  Oh, and America's Next Top Model was holding auditions for next season in the mall so we had crowd control issues all day as well.  Still left work with the biggest smile on my face.

Yay Mongo!

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