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You're My Boy, Blue!

Where is my phone?
Way back in 2005 I joined the rest of the world and got my first cell phone.  A Motorola flip phone that has been with me ever since.  That's right.  I am THAT person.  The person who never upgrades their devices.

It's just that I never saw a reason for me to upgrade.  All I needed a phone for was calls and texts.  Why would I ever need more than that?  So I skipped that whole phase of phones that play music.  Because why the hell would I ever want to listen to music on my phone?  And I skipped that phase of phones with slide out keyboards to help you with your texting and emailing addiction. Cause yeah, didn't need that.

My little flip phone and I have done just fine, thank you very much.  But then. . . yeah. . .there is always a "but then".  The battery life started to go.  I was constantly charging it and getting caught out with a phone on the verge of dying.  Ol' Blue was dying. 

And for the past 3 weeks in a row I have gotten lost while out visiting businesses and soliciting for sales.  3 weeks in a row.  Something that could be prevented if I either had a GPS or a smartphone.  And why buy a GPS when they cost the same amount as a smartphone and only do one thing?

Yup.  The time has come.  Looky what's I gots!  I'm having lots of fun learning how to use this mini computer.  I have joined the new age.


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Jul. 25th, 2011 02:44 am (UTC)
Eeee! That's the phone I got. I adore it!
Just plan on plugging it in every night if you do much with it all day... that big screen sure sucks the power down.
Jul. 25th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
I must have chosen well if I have the same phone as someone who works for NASA. Woo-Hoo!
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Where is my phone?

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