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June 26th, 2011

Midsummer's Eve Feast

Matt hosted the traditional feast meal, only this time all the women were invited.  It's nice that some of these traditions, started in middle school by the biggest bunch of nerds you can imagine, are now evolving into family events.  Most of the men are married now.  Some of them are thinking about having kids.  It's time to prepare to pass the nerd traditions down to the next generation of bourbon loving D&D players.

My husband, El Diablo Rojo.

And what a feast it was!  They have come a long way in their culinary skills over the years.  With a little help he managed to serve rice stuffed cornish game hens, asparagus, a bacon & cabbage yummy thing, blueberry muffins, and a bourbon pecan cake.  There was wine.  There was candle light.  Great conversation.  And programs for the evening events.

Events that Matt must have spent a lot of time planning.  Look what he did to the backyard!  It was beautiful.  It was a cute, romantic little couples night.  Or at least as romantic as a backyard semi-pagan ritual can be.  We'll get to that in a moment.

After dinner things quickly switched over from proper dinner party to what we are most accustomed to.  Drinking, men smoking cigars, etc.  Some of us, I'm looking at you Ryan, drinking too much.

Which brings us back to the programs.  You can see them on the table in this shot.  This shot taken just before we gathered up said programs, tiki torches from the deck, beers still in hand, and went to the backyard to properly welcome Summer.  Welcome it in the traditional Cornish dialect.  Welcome it with sacrifices of flowers.  You know, a la Wicker Man style.  I love these weird, weird boys.  {for some reason LJ is refusing to let me post a video in the middle of this, so look for it on the next post.  Buttheads}  Once summer was properly welcomed it was on to. . . square dancing!  When Matt & Karen got married they had square dancing at the reception and it was crazy fun.  Mostly because only 3 people knew what they were doing.  Last night was a mini version of just that.  Unfortunately, Morgan is still nursing his ankle so there was no dancing for us.  But that just meant he could call the dancing and I could photo/video the hell out of it.  These things must one day be shown to the children of these men.  How else would the stories be believed?  So it all worked out.

The night ended back down by the fire.  A couple hours of more drinking, more cigars, more conversation, and burning furniture in a bucket.  Why does Matt always have furniture that can be burned?  I have asked this question to Morgan several times.  He doesn't know either.  Some questions are better left un asked.

Not bad for a night where we still got home around 2 am.  In fact I think this was the most fun ever had at a feast meal.  I will say it one more time - nerd boys are awesome.


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